On accelerated methods for tensor canonical polyadic decomposition

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We present Nesterov acceleration techniques for alternating least squares (ALS) methods applied to canonical tensor decomposition. The tensor decomposition problem is nonconvex. Thus, we use a specific version of the Nesterov acceleration for convergence guarantee by adding a momentum term with a particular weight sequence determined by a one-dimensional search.

We consider a restart mechanism to overcome the numerical instability caused by line search that enables effective acceleration.

Our extensive empirical results show that the Nesterov-accelerated ALS methods with restart can be more efficient than the stand-alone ALS when problems are ill-conditioned. There is a clear potential to extend our Nesterov-type acceleration approach to accelerating other optimization algorithms than ALS applied to other nonconvex problems such as the Tucker tensor decomposition

I am PhD student at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology and Senior Lecturer at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. I love math, teaching, history, travelling and the ambiguity of being.

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