unicodeit - Converts LaTeX tags to unic" /> My favourite MacOS utilities
  • unicodeit - Converts LaTeX tags to unicode: \mathcal{H} → ℋ with the shortcut cmd + option + shift + U
  • WARP - Unblocks most of the internet content. Fast and free. Note, that this is not VPN.
  • Maccy - clipboard history with option + V.
  • hidden - utility that helps hide menu bar icons.
  • MiddleClick-BigSur - "Wheel click" with three-finger click/tap for Trackpad and Magic Mouse.
  • Rectangle - Move and resize windows on macOS with keyboard shortcuts and snap areas.
  • BitWarden - Multiplatform password manager.
  • GoodNotes - very robust handwritting tool for iPad and MacOS.
  • Touch ID instead of sudo password.
  • Vectornator - vector graphic editor.
  • Safari - place cursor in the search field with new tab opening by cmd + T:

    defaults write com.apple.Safari UniversalSearchFeatureNotificationHasBeenDisplayed YES
  • vpn-up-for-openconnect - VPN client, that allows you to run VPN connection from Terminal in a single command.
  • Quick actions to turn SVG to PDF and PDF to SVG:

    These 2 files should be placed in /Users/username/Library/Services

    📎 quick_actions.zip

    Before using one needs to install convertors:

    brew install pdf2svg
    brew install librsvg