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    June: I am a Master of Science! (MIPT and Skoltech)

    July: I have reached the Olymp!

    August: Теперь я живу в Москве!

    September: Я начал преподавать методы оптимизации лучшим студентам физтеха!

    October: Меня привлекли в проект с Huawei!

    November: I have involved in the NLA course at Skoltech as a TA!

    December: I taught machine learning to Sberbank employees!

    January: I have a husky sledding ride on Kamchatka!

    February: I gave a lecture on scientific tools to young MIPTers!

    March: I have won in lottery! (Ha ha, no, nothing happened)

    April: We have succesfully passed the first half of Huawei project!

    May: We have succesfully defended the "Style Trumpsfer" project at DL course!

    June: I have visited Georgia and Armenia!

    July: I taught machine learning to GazPromNeft employees!